Treat Yo’Self

I recently stopped into Sephora just because I had a gift card, but I wasn’t really in the mood to test and buy new makeup products. I have however been on a huge “Treat Yo’self” kick when it comes to unwinding after school or work, so I took a chance on Sephora’s collection of face masks… and I fell in love.

I grabbed a few sheet masks, an eye mask, and an overnight gel face mask, and I’d recommend all of them. The sheets fit well, they feel amazing, and they leave your skin looking so refreshed. The sheet and eye masks peel off after  15 minutes, and there’s no need to rinse them off – just gently massage in whatever is left on your skin. For the overnight mask, I just put it on about 10 minutes before I go to bed and then wash my face in the morning!




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