Treat Yo’Self

I recently stopped into Sephora just because I had a gift card, but I wasn’t really in the mood to test and buy new makeup products. I have however been on a huge “Treat Yo’self” kick when it comes to unwinding after school or work, so I took a chance on Sephora’s collection of face masks… and I fell in love.

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Just A Grl In A Social Media Wrld

I think the most mortifying thing I could confess to as of late is being addicted to social media, which is embarrassing for a number of reasons… I mean not to say that I would die or suffer from withdrawals if say, I were stranded on a desert island without access to my phone (or more likely, accidentally left my phone in the freezer). But if I’m being entirely honest, I feel actual validation from a stupid little notification, a single comment, or a ‘like’ from an APP on my PHONE. Read More

The Truth About University

They tell you going away to college is a lot of things, but what no one ever warned me is that college is the weirdest time of your life.

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Feminist Book Club

I’m honestly starting to think maybe I should’ve been a Women’s Studies major, but it’s too late for that now – I’ll just continue to spend my Friday nights sipping coffee and reading feminist af type books… It’s all the same, right?

Anyways if you’re at all interested in feminism or maybe you’re a little hesitant to adopt the label but you like the philosophy of gender equality, check out these books! Book club anyone? I do provide snacks…

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