O Captain! My Captain!

I drove 30 minutes out of my way to Starbucks, not for the coffee, but for the latest copy of the New York Times. There was an article I needed to read as I was recently inspired to write a paper on feminism and masculinity, but that’s a story for another time.

I stormed through the Starbucks, past the seven or eight people crouched behind laptops at tables lined along the wall, doing my best “important walk,” as I typically do when I’m deep in political thought.

After ordering my usual grande café mocha and snatching the second-to-last copy of the NYT, I sat down at a large empty table, flipped open the newspaper, cracked open my laptop, and settled into the line of others who were equally absorbed in the art of looking busy.

I began my research for the brilliant paper I was going to write but was stopped short when I found that after graduating, I no longer had access to my university’s online library sources despite still being able to log-in to my TU portal account. It was no matter though, because just minutes later I heard something from the table behind me that peaked my interest.

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Wake Up To Find You’re The Graduating Class

For most of my friends, it’s second semester of senior year. Holy sh*t. IT’S ALL HAPPENING. And for those who aren’t second semester seniors, your day will arrive before you even have time to hand down your fake ID so hang in there.

Because I’m actually 35 on the inside, I set a goal for myself to graduate college early. So a little over a month ago, I walked across that stage, smiling and low-key fighting back tears, shook hands with the Klein College president, and snatched that Temple University envelope that held my fake degree (still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail… tick, tock, Temple).

But alas, I like to think I’ve acquired some wisdom from my unusual college experience, and especially from that final semester, so here we go:
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Leslie Knope Meets Hillary Rodham

Just a few weeks ago, I graduated college. Holy crap. I’m old.

I’d been planning my graduation “look” more diligently than I planned for my senior prom, honestly. You only graduate college once!

I wanted something professional and grown up but still a little playful. After a long [disappointing] presidential election and one too many episodes of Parks And Rec, I made my decision: a pantsuit.
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To The Boys In My 8 am…

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning my alarm blares as I groggily fumble around looking for my iPhone, squinting at the bright screen in search of the snooze button. I continue my morning routine, shuffling into the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of Honey-Nut-Cheerios, and then plopping onto the couch to watch New Day on CNN.

After breakfast I’ll scramble to get ready, stop at my favorite cafe for a medium mocha iced latte with whole milk, and then rush off to my first class, Mosaics II, by 8 a.m. Despite its focus on humanities and literature, Mosaics usually isn’t one of my favorite classes. (The early start time doesn’t help either.) I typically struggle to keep my eyes open as we study “The Classics,” doodling in my notebook and finishing off whatever is left of my chocolatey, sweet latte.

But this morning was different…

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An Open Letter To The Girl Who Went From “Feel The Bern” To “MAGA”

Dear Jessica Dobrinsky,

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Becca Rose and I too want America to be great. Like any of us, I don’t fit into a single box. I am a feminist, a Sanders supporter, a college student, a liberal, a hard worker, an independent mind, and a critical thinker. I also love “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth, and girl, if you wanna be swept off your feet by a nice, cute boy, then hell yeah I do too.

Which leads me to my first point: Feminism is intersectional, inclusive, and empowering. Feminism is never about tearing people down. I’m sorry that your experience as a feminist pushed you away from the movement because I believe that the Twitter trolls you encountered are NOT representative of the movement. Feminism is about eradicating the stigma surrounding gender roles, but it’s not about forcing people to abandon them all together. For some people, that’s where they’re comfortable; That’s where they thrive. To the men who want to be the hero and to the women who want to be romanced, hell yah I hope it happens for you! And to the men who don’t subscribe to what is stereotypically “masculine” and to the women who want to be their own hero, hell yah you do your thing! Feminism is all about giving men and women options, the freedom to choose; to be who they are without having to worry about what the world is telling them to do or be. Unfortunately, feminism is flawed because we as humans are flawed. (Shameless plug for Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.) There will be people who misinterpret the movement, who redefine it, who misrepresent it, but please don’t let those people deter you from a movement that is fighting for equality for both women AND men on both the Left and the Right. I am a feminist, and I support and respect you. Read More

But who cares? No big deal, I want more.

I recently read this article titled “Three Ways To Guard The Single Women In Your Life.” The article’s premise surrounds things that I, as the perpetually single friend, hear all the time – and I’m damn tired of hearing them. The writing impacted me so strongly because it’s faith based, but I think it’s relevant for all single women so I just want to hit home on the article’s most secular point.

Stop telling young women, “You just haven’t met the right guy yet.”
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Treat Yo’Self

I recently stopped into Sephora just because I had a gift card, but I wasn’t really in the mood to test and buy new makeup products. I have however been on a huge “Treat Yo’self” kick when it comes to unwinding after school or work, so I took a chance on Sephora’s collection of face masks… and I fell in love.

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Just A Grl In A Social Media Wrld

I think the most mortifying thing I could confess to as of late is being addicted to social media, which is embarrassing for a number of reasons… I mean not to say that I would die or suffer from withdrawals if say, I were stranded on a desert island without access to my phone (or more likely, accidentally left my phone in the freezer). But if I’m being entirely honest, I feel actual validation from a stupid little notification, a single comment, or a ‘like’ from an APP on my PHONE. Read More

The Truth About University

They tell you going away to college is a lot of things, but what no one ever warned me is that college is the weirdest time of your life.

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Feminist Book Club

I’m honestly starting to think maybe I should’ve been a Women’s Studies major, but it’s too late for that now – I’ll just continue to spend my Friday nights sipping coffee and reading feminist af type books… It’s all the same, right?

Anyways if you’re at all interested in feminism or maybe you’re a little hesitant to adopt the label but you like the philosophy of gender equality, check out these books! Book club anyone? I do provide snacks…

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